Health Benefits

Multigrain is always a better option than single grains. Why?

Each grain has its own benefit, so when combined together, multigrain becomes a source of fiber, vitamin, minerals, and protein! Not to mention antioxidants and omega-3 too!

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Lower Sugar Intake Than Ever

Glycemic Index (GI) is the number that indicates the increase of blood sugar from food.

Due to the high fiber from KONGBAP, the glycemic index in rice can be lowered to a level that is almost equal to red rice!


Research by:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Y. Marsono M.S.

University of Gadjah Mada

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Eating Less is More Than Enough

The glutinous rice in KONGBAP helps you control your meal portions, and the overall fiber from KONGBAP helps you feel full throughout the day. 

Perfect for those who want to control their diet!


Because Healthy IS Delicious

It is healthy AND delicious!

KONGBAP has no added flavor at all, and when cooked together with rice it will not change anything

Your white rice will still taste like white rice (red rice will still taste like red rice, if that's what you prefer).

If anything, it makes your rice softer and even more delicious!

Image by: @theplatedplants